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About Us

Startups perceive VCs have funds available but hard to drawdown. They are hard on startups and out to get their pound of flesh. Yet VCs have great networks. Some have loud megaphones. Some VCs offer great counsel. And many have road maps to access the market. We see all these as variables evolving in a dynamic ecosystem but MCMV most strongly believes in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work alongside you in your moments of need…

Our Core Values

The Covid pandemic has confronted the global community with challenges that require global cooperation at all levels. And given the substantial role that both private enterprises and capital play in our interconnected world, we recognize the critical need for us to contribute to addressing these challenges.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to be a busy body (the friendly type) in the startup circle. Non-destructive but busy creating bodies filled with values of impossibilities. There are no playbooks or rulebooks or formulas. Your culture is our starting point. Nobody runs your company elegantly like you…


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