Venture Capital

In business circles, venture is define as business undertaking a business journey that could be risky or daring. MCMV however defines your venture requires our experience to derrick and increase the boldness to impact life.

In business circle, capital is defined as financial provided to early-stage, high-potential, and growth start-up companies. MCMV however choose to define capital as your project funding that requires our experience to bring in a higher than normal returns for shareholders, employees and community.

With venture and capital defined in pure MCMV experience, we begin our journey to set a different path for all our venture capital initiatives. We forget about investment, we focus on our experience. We forget about returns on investment, we focus on returns to community. We believe we redefine how venture capitalist engage with your ideas, your ambition and your appetite to engage with the community. It is no longer a trade off on capital invested for a piece of the venture's profit. We believe it is more meaningful and significant when we place our experience invested with your ambition and desire to help the community with the returns in your hands.